Friday, February 1, 2008



Today is a snow day...Schools where closed and as it turned out my daughter and myself are under the no fun snow day...just resting and relexing....

I'm new to blog world but I find it really relaxing after studing . Im a full time college student and raising my daughter...I like to read about how I can decorate my house and being creative with very little funds...gardening and learning how to write a blog....LOL....give me a month or two and it will be fun to read...I just have to figure out the how to part....


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Elizabeth said...

Congrats on your new blog and for going to college! I too, was an "older" student and I was on the "10-year" plan! It is worth it and stick with it - like someone told me once: "You are going to be 50 one day you can be 50 with a degree, or 50 without a degree, but you will still be 50..." very true!!

Good luck and keep up the good work!