Monday, December 28, 2009

I want to re-do this ....this winter

Ok this has been in my family for years it lived in my sister basement and since she moved  to her new home in July, she gave this to me.  I would like to paint it and keep the mirror but I will have to either take the door out or pop the warped part out but the whole door is warped. What i love about this piece is that inside the mirror door someone wrote the last snow for 1961 was  April ..that has to stay but i want to paint the rest....and I thought about writing something on the bottom of it...we will see...any thoughts?

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Elizabeth Maxson said...

Love this! I love projects. One suggestion would be to just take the door off completely and put shelves inside. You can paper the inside, or put fabric on the inside or put a few shelves LOW and then hang a tiny chandelier inside with a mirror on the back wall... or if you are going to use it in a dining room - hang a bar at the top and hang your linen table cloths on vintage hangers and low shelves below to hold the napkins...or, if it is a hallway piece, you can make it a "library" and stack tons of cool books in it and on top of it....I would just think of a theme - that usually helps me get going on a new project.

Show us when you are done!

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