Monday, March 1, 2010

The Month of March

March as always been a bitter sweet month for me...its the month where we are coming out of winter and spring is just around the corner...

But its also been a very sad month for my family..this is a month where as a child in 1972 my father passed away

....I re-live the day each year... ...the night me and my sister slept  at a neighbor's house and then in the morning we all walked to our house thinking we were walking to the bus stop but instead we went home first...and as I walked into my house the kitchen was filled with Aunts and neighbor  lady's then we walked in the living room and I remember seeing my mother in a chair with my dad's watch on her wrist

and after that I could not tell what happend next....but what I do know is this...I had the best a young age ...I was close..he is the one I would go to...I would tell him good night and he would ask me "who's little girl are you " and I would say "Your's Daddy".....tommorrow will be 38 years since his passing.....and there is not a day that goes by I don't think about him.  I don't have many pictures of my dad and myself but i have a few and this one  of my all time fav..

and I will forever be my father's "Little Girl"

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