Saturday, April 17, 2010

My two Loves Barnes and Noble and British Magazines

Ever since our town got it’s first Barns and Noble back in 1995...and I got a part time job  working in the Children's Department...

I fell in love with British Home Magazines.....

Anytime I go into a B&N I grab a few and have a cup of coffee find a nice chair and yesterday to my delight... I spotted their multipack deal...all for 19.98 (they normally go for 8.99 each) and since I have a Member Card I got an additional  10% off ...... so they got to come home with me this time

                                                            April 2010 Cover

May 2010 Cover

Feb 2010 Cover

All the issues were for April 2010 in the multipack

If you’re a lover of  British Home Magazines run to your nearest B&N.....and take the coffee to go

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Thank you Kelly for your sweet words. Hope you have a great weekend, Theresa