Monday, April 5, 2010


"The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you"..Coco Chanel

Red Lipstick makes me think of my mom......
My mother was single until she was 31
she spent the 1950's working at Robertson's Department Store
she had beautiful clothes and great shoes and could wear red lipstick
I would love to watch her get ready for a night out and she would always get a tissue and blot her lips after applying  lipstick

Bette my mother

I came of age  during the 1980's and I too loved  lipstick but I was into the hot pink stage (it was the 80's) I still love lipstick because of my mom.... 

I might have to go shopping for this

Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour - # 22 Paris

image from Chanel

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