Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have a very small home all 825 sq feet!...and my kitchen is a galley kitchen that has grown on me over time. But what I really love about a kitchen is all the stuff for them. like the above cookie was my grandmother's and now  it sits on my counter-top and these bowls also were her's

My grandmother house had a great 50's kitchen, she also had a french refrigerator which was so cool to  get the ice cream from the bottom of the refrigerator.  She also  had a yellow stool that you could sit on that as kids we would fight to see who could sit on it. It looked like the one below

She also had this cat clock on her kitchen wall

 The picture below is of my father in my Grandmother's kitchen it had yellow tile with red trim and the chairs were red. The table was big and you could fit everyone around it.

Only thing missing is the sounds  and smells from her kitchen and a few people who I would love to gather around her table one more time.


Glenda said...

Love idea that your grandmother's cookie jar sits on your counter. It goes along with the title of your blog, Peaceful Heart. Each little thing in my home that once belonged, brings me peace. Enjoy this Sunday weather, it's beautiful out today.

Kelly said...

Thanks Glenda,
Im painting three different items! spraying some baskets, painting a old wooden footstoole and an old drawer..that I have been meaning to finish up.....

Alison said...

Gasp! I too have a pink and blue striped bowl collection! Mine started with my mom's huge bowl that she always used to make dough in. I've added to it over the years whenever I find a random piece somewhere.



" SHABBY JUNK" said...

My mother had the same apple set and kitchen table in yellow. Brings back good memories of the 50's. Thanks

paige said...

we had a step stool just exactly like that except it was chartruese!