Saturday, November 13, 2010

Craft weekend

Friday I went to Michale's with some of my birthday money...and a great 20% off your total order coupon. I found this.....

Plus it was already 25% off so I got it for 45% off....pure JOY........I then took these my brother found for me  at Goodwill 

with a little of magic glitter they turn into this
I think they came out pretty good, sorry about the photo quality I have been using my cell little camera is not working......We mixed two colors together and I really liked the effect...going to put them on packages for my family..Then I got a second wind...and thought I need to do more so I did this...

 I made not one but two of these....I like them going to put them on my gates in my drive way......going to make one for my sister tomorrow..Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hey Kelly, yes that was a cat in one of the drawers. They were playing in all the things as I was setting it up and it was more fun watching them discover my new things. They have such a personality to them and they are so sweet I just couldn't make them stop, so I included them in the pics. Have a great week, T