Monday, November 15, 2010

Paper Dolls

Last week I was cleaning my spare bedroom when I found  a box with all my daughter's Art work from Kindergarten..and this is where i found this...


  If you ever read Mary Engelbreit  magazine Home Companion  you know there was a paper doll in every issues and it would be the only thing I would tear out of the magazine....well the funny thing is the outfit on Ann Estelle is an art smock and hat, and  my daughter has been given the gift as an artist..she draws really well and is really excelling in her sculpture class..I showed it to her and you should have seen her light up..."Oh we played all the time with those"....This is the little girl who would be happy with a box and she would make it into something and for one week dresses like a gypsy ...she loved her dress now Ann Estelle is living on.... hanging in our Kitchen.....along with the Mary Engelbreit Calender she buys me every year for Christmas.....someone I know is going to get some paper dolls in her Christmas stocking..even if she is 17.....your never to old to play with paper dolls.......

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Deidra said...

Thanks Kelly for leaving your prayers for my sister and family.
Love Mary Engelbreicht. 17 is definately not too old for paper dolls in her stocking. I am sure this will bring back LOTS of great memories for Christmas. Hope you and yours have a great holiday season!
aka: Girls Gone Junkin'