Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lake Effect Kinda of Day

I went out to get the paper this morning and it was snowing like crazy.
That cute not so little dog is Tiger..he is 13 yrs old. He loves the snow and will lay in it for hours if you let him.  When my daughter turned 8 I gave her the chose of going to Chicago or going to the dog shelter, well you can see what we did that year..the sad thing is  he lived at the shelter for about a year..this shelter does not put dogs down, we are lucky to have  this kind of shelter in our town.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend..I went to a new candy shop that opened up in our town and sad to say this is the only thing I have bought for Christmas so far...yes Chocolate...

and they have  the best homemade Caramel I have ever tasted, sorry but I ate it before I took the picture..I have a soft spot for Caramel.  If you live in the Midwest you can find these at a wonderful candy shop called Kilwins they  also sells ice cream and Fudge..they have a web

Well the snow is not stopping so that means shoveling..and some nice hot coco to end my weekend. Just wish I bought more of those Caramels.......

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Glenda said...

I see the same beautiful winter fluff outside my door today. Have a cozy day inside. I would pick Tiger over the Sears Tower any old time. He looks like a wonderful companion.