Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

As a child my mother
would not get us baskets for Easter
but would go to a local candy company 
  called The Philadelphia 
  the boys would get a egg made out of chocolate with wrapped smaller eggs inside
  us girls got a chocolate basket with eggs
and the rule was
if you found someone else Easter box you were not to  tell them.
(not really sure how well that worked!)
once we got to be teenagers it was just a big basket on the kitchen table for all of us. 
Hope the Easter bunny 
brings you all 
some chocolate 
to sweeten your day

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter


Glenda said...

Happy Easter to you too, dearest friend.

Rebecca said...

Such a wonderful Easter memory, I hope you had lots of chocolate and more love then you could fathom.