Sunday, April 10, 2011


The last 10 days I did a lot of nothing and a little bit of something! was my daughter's spring break so I  took off work.....the weather here was cold but today it's in the high 80's...gotta  love this Midwest weather.

I worked on my raised beds....that I made out of a wooden crate that my brother had so it was free...gotta love that.  I made two L shape beds...still not done...have to place them where I want them to go and then  I will try and  up date their process  throughout  the garden season.

I do genealogy been doing on and off for 12 years.... so this week I really got back into's can learn a lot about life  and  it helps you to understand a family member after you know their life story.... we really have it easy.....100 years ago it was a lot different.

Not too much but it was wonderful to me....I slept in....stayed up late...had a bonfire.....cleaned my yard....had a great week off of doing nothing!.....But I did get to go to a  vintage and handmade show.....more on that tomorrow 

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Junk Evolution said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation to me! I heard from Linda that the show was a hugh sucess today. So glad for all the gals. I stayed home to work on my house and yard. Sooo nice outside :)