Thursday, April 14, 2011

Where did this week go

 On the last day of my Vacation I went with my sister to the 
"All Things Handmade 
and Vintage Bazaar"
here in town,
  where my friend Glenda
 Junkin in my  Pink Cadillac
had a booth
and she gave me this
cute bucket
that I just love!
The funny part
was as
I carried it around the Bazaar
I would get stopped and ask  where did I get that cute bucket.
It really was a great show.
This was the first time
for the show 
they did a wonderful job
hope they do it again
next year
But what my daughter
really loved
is that Glenda gave her this beautiful bottle

Don't you just love it
She makes them
If you would like to see more from the Bazaar 
Glenda has some great Pictures of her space on her blog.
Really glad this Week
 went by quickely! 


Glenda said...

You are the sweetest, bestie blog friend a girl could have!

yaheu said...
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