Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my life lately

I don't have any flowers in! 
its June 1....
I repeat its JUNE 1
and I don't have any annual flowers in...
this is not normal.

 I'm the first one to the nursery shop
loading my van....
could it be the weather?
...well it rains if not every day this last month, every other..
 or could it be
all my flower money went to 
"The Prom Fund"
well worth it
my daughter looked beautiful!

Well going to buy at least some window box flowers in the next few days...

but some years 
you just have  to wait
until JUNE 1~


Glenda said...

Mom she looks so beautiful. I love the color of her dress!!! Prom fund well worth it.

Kelly said...

Thanks Glenda, I will let her know...