Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Milestone

Last Friday my daughter graduated 

 She graduated in a class of 800

 so big that they have the graduation
 a local college campus 

so she waited 
and waited
and time came to 
 stand up and get back into line 
and  realized
 she  picked
 the wrong shoe's for the night
 now waited some more 
standing in those shoes

 but started to smile 
as she got closer to the stage
got her diploma

and was so glad
 just to sit back down 
by the time the  caps 
went up in the air
she was all in smiles
while she would not take her cap off 
for fear of hat head
she did however
finally get to
 her shoes off!

 She is going to study 
special effects make-up in the fall. 
If you ever seen the show Face-off 
that is what she will be doing.
So proud of you 
Kaitlyn Elizabeth


Glenda said...

Yay!!! How I miss you guys... She looks beautiful. What a great mom too...

Elizabeth Maxson said...

If only I could look so beautiful when my feet are killing me! What a great post. She will love reading this years from now. What a lucky daughter to have you. Beautiful shoes are great to look at, but not so great to wear...except maybe to a wedding (where there is no dancing) but lots of sitting.

What a beautiful daughter. :-)

Thanks for sharing,
Big hugs

Kelly said...

Miss you too Glenda, look for me and Kate in the next few weeks....Thank you Elizabeth for your kind words..we looked forever for the perfect pair....I think she just needs to break them in more....