Sunday, August 12, 2012


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I have been thinking about where I get my love of the past, it might have been from my mother, for she was born in 1928 and had her children late in her mid 30's, so looking at all her pictures from the 40's and 50's I’m sure  it started then.  But one day during my lunch while waiting in line to pay for my salad I came across Victoria Magazine, I  picked it up and became total engrossed its it beauty, and it went home with me.   I will be honest the new version lacks the magic the older still holds. I even had a way of reading it, I would go through it one time, then put it down and then spend the next weeks going over it and absorbing all the beauty it had. This magazine was magic to me for it was my time to just dream of a simple time with great beauty.  I don’t have any of my old copies....when you move and keep moving stuff round things get pitched...but looking at this cover I might just start a new collection!..

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